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Spectrum Pharmacy

Spectrum Pharmacy Institute offers the latest comprehensive lecture-based and hands-on compounding education, providing compounders the opportunity to add to their knowledge-base, learn new skills and network with colleagues in their industry. Learning programs feature a state-of-the-art multi-media audio-visual classroom and laboratory experience, including ISO-Class 7 & 8 air handling units, fully functional teaching laboratories, current compounding equipment and supplies, and USP <800> compliant facilities. All courses are written and presented by subject matter experts, and all education programs are reviewed by faculty of Rutgers University's Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy or the American College of Apothecaries and jointly accredited with Spectrum Pharmacy Institute.

2018 Featured Courses

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Sterile Compounding
(2.10 CEUs)    
Non-sterile Compounding
(1.95 CEUs)    
USP800 Compliance
(1.07 CEUs)    
(.525 - 1.5 CEUs) 
Pain Compounding
(1.475 CEUs)    
Veterinary Compounding
(1.375 CEUs)    
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Inside our 42,000 square foot pharmacy distribution, manufacturing, and training facility, Spectrum Pharmacy Institute is more than a state-of-the-art compounding education center — it's a vision. Founded by and for pharmacy professionals, Spectrum Pharmacy Institute is committed to providing the finest academic learning experience in the industry. Located in New Brunswick, NJ, the Spectrum Pharmacy Institute has convenient access to nearby New York City, Philadelphia and the New Jersey shore area. Program attendees experience the industry's leading educational courses and may also enjoy the local museums, theaters, concerts and professional sporting events.

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Spectrum Pharmacy

Essentials of Non-Sterile Compounding

With a foundation in USP <795> as a guideline, this 3-day course combines diverse presentations with hands-on laboratory application to enhance the participant’s non-sterile compounding knowledge and techniques.Prior to the live program, attendees will complete a learning module covering compounding calculations and submit answers to an online quiz to assess baseline knowledge. The quiz results will be reviewed during the live program.


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Essentials of Sterile Compounding

In 2015, a proposed revision to USP Chapter <797>, outlining standards for preparing compounded sterile preparations, was published for comment. In addition to covering the key standards of the current chapter, this 3-day course will review the proposed changes. Prior to the live program, attendees will review the proposed revision and submit answers to an online quiz to assess baseline knowledge. Highlighted topics include:

  • aseptic technique
  • formulation methodology
  • component selection
  • contamination risks
  • sterilization and depyrogenation
  • release testing
  • documentation
  • CGMPs

USP <800> Compliance – Improving the Safety of Compounded Preparations (NEW West Coast classes!)

December 1, 2019 is the official date of implementation for USP General Chapter <800>. However, some states such as California have already adopted many aspects of the new standards. This new chapter of compounding standards affects all healthcare personnel who handle HD preparations and all entities that store, prepare, transport or administer HDs. Our 2-day course concentrates not only on the compounding of HD’s, but the receipt, storage, dispensing, administration and disposal as well. Instruction will highlight the principles of protecting personnel, patients and the environment from exposure. And, the hands-on simulation focuses on the critical aspects in HD safety and preparation.

BHRT and the Symphony of Hormones

This comprehensive live course on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) introduces attendees to a new paradigm. It simply is not enough to draw laboratory samples, perform an analysis and interpret results; then, compound and dispense a prescription. Pharmacists must take a broader approach to working with patients and prescribers by examining many other factors including diet, nutrition, adrenal and thyroid status, and lifestyle choices to promote long-term health. Presented by three experts in the field of holistic BHRT, this interactive program offers attendees an opportunity to learn from individuals who have worked in the field and gained years of experience helping patients.

Contemporary Compounding for Pain Management

Pain is one of the most common reasons patients seek medical attention and one of the most difficult to objectively evaluate. Not only does pain impact the daily living of the affected person, but ineffective pain management leads to annual business productivity losses of ~$300 billion in the United States.* This 2-day course highlights the definition, mechanism and classification of pain; followed by appropriate treatment considerations involving novel treatment approaches, proper dosing, API selection and formulation. The laboratory hands-on application focuses on enhancing the participant’s technique in properly formulating and preparing compounded pain preparations.

Compounding for the Veterinary Patient

Compounding for the Veterinary Patient is a hands-on program that introduces attendees, including pharmacists, technicians, and marketers, to veterinary pharmacy compounding. The program provides the regulatory history of veterinary compounding along with pharmacology, options for the veterinary patient and compounding guidelines. Veterinary compounding plays a crucial role in health in the treatment of animals. This course is designed to help meet the challenges of customizing medications for a variety of species along with the challenges of medication compliance.

Online Courses

Now you can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) without leaving your office, home or hotel room. Spectrum Pharmacy Institute provides online courses for continuing education for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians. Participate in Live Webinars or Self-Paced Online Courses, and track your CEUs through your personal online portal. Browse topics such as Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Control, USP800, Veterinary Compounding, Building Your Compounding Practice, and much more. Course interaction allows attendees to ask questions, participate in surveys, and post comments. Some of the online courses offer CD versions.

Presenter Bios

We have selected the very best speakers who are industry experts in the field they are presenting.

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