Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS)

To place your DEA Schedule II order through the Spectrum CSOS System you will need the following:

  • DEA Digital Certificate: If you do not have a DEA Digital Certificate please click here to visit the DEA application site and complete your application. Processing time may be six weeks.
  • Spectrum Pharmacy Products Account: If you do not have an account please click here to complete your application. This process may take 24 hours to complete.
  • Spectrum Pharmacy Products CSOS Registration: If you have not applied for a Spectrum Pharmacy Products CSOS registration please click here

If you already have all 3 - a DEA Digital Certificate, a Spectrum Pharmacy Products Account and a Spectrum Pharmacy Products CSOS Registration click here to place your order.

For technical issues placing your CSOS order please contact 254-933-4452 option 2.

How CSOS online ordering works

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Controlled Substances Ordering System (CSOS) allows for secure electronic ordering of controlled substances. Electronic orders are placed through Spectrum Pharmacy Products' website using software approved for CSOS, replacing the traditional paper 222 forms.

  1. Purchaser enrolls with the DEA and is issued a personal CSOS Certificate. The certificate is a digital identity that contains information identical to your current 222 paper form (company name, DEA registration number and authorized schedules).
  2. Using CSOS on Spectrum Pharmacy Products' website, the purchaser enters an electronic order. The digitally-signed order is then transmitted to Spectrum.
  3. Spectrum verifies the purchaser’s certificate and validates the order.
  4. Spectrum completes the order and ships it to the purchaser.
  5. The CSOS software reports the order to the DEA within two business days.

The Benefits to CSOS online ordering from Spectrum

  1. Reduces paperwork – no storing and filing paper DEA 222 forms.
  2. Verification of purchase history through CSOS.
  3. Reduced turn-around-time – instant transmission, automatic verification, prompt fulfillment.
  4. Increased compliance – secure ordering through CSOS approved system.
  5. Decreases risk of compromised order placement and shipment.

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