NDC Numbers & AWP's

NDC Numbers & AWPs

The national drug code, or NDC is a number assigned to drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. Spectrum's labeler code is 49452. Spectrum's NDC numbers follow the follow the 5-4-2 format consisting of five numbers for the labeler, followed by four numbers that are specific for the drug or ingredient, followed by two numbers for the package size. If your software does not require the extra zero in the package code, please omit it. NDCs are listed in this PDF, and also on the website product pages and in the catalog, beginning on page 433.

The average wholesale price is the price at which drugs are purchased at the wholesale level. The figure is used for information to third-party payers. Spectrum has provided this list of NDC's and AWP's for our customer's reference. This list is frequently updated with new products and new pricing. Additional information regarding Spectrum Pharmacy Products pricing is available from Red Book, First Databank and Medi-span.

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